Rafa Carneros
Game Developer - Programmer & Designer

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Hi everyone, my name is Rafa. I started with the computer since childhood, because my brother had a "Cyber ​​Café". With 12 years already playing computers, building and dismantling the parts.

When I was old enough to get me to professional training, i didn't think, and I went straight to the Intermediate Computing (ESI) and immediately the Higher Grade (DAI). Having completed both decided to go to Madrid and specialize in VIDEOGAMES. So I joined a Master programming and game design.



- Integration of advertising libraries

- GameAnalitycs and Flurry libraries

- Purchases in app libraries

- Facebook integration library


Game Design

- Level Design, Building, AI Encounter Design Pacing, and Scripting

- Game System Design and Balance

- Intuitive UI/UX Design

- Design Documentation

- Dialog and Text Writing

- Playtest Conducting


- Adobe Photoshop, Flash, After Effects

- Microsoft Office & Visio

- Balsamiq Mockups

- Maya, 3dMax

- Perforce, SVN, JIRA, Visual Studio, Eclipse


- C#, C/C++-

- Javascript, php, html

- ActionScript


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